Bemmygail, The Founder

Bemmygail is the founder and CEO of Bemmygail Animation Studio. A devout Christian, she believes that her talents come only from the Lord Jesus Christ, and to use it for the glory of God is her mission here on earth.


She is an independent animator and illustrator, doing work like cartoon characters, commercial story videos, and animated game assets. She has worked for almost a decade now in graphic design, illustration, and animation.

Some of her clients include Blend Systems Inc., Wilhelmsen, Johnson and Johnson, Lumina Analytics, VRapeutic project, EngiGames, Bock Engineering and so much more.

She started this studio in her bedroom in February 2017 and is expanding over the years. She wants to spread goodness and fun themes for everyone, especially for the kids and families. The family is the smallest community yet the biggest impact.


Bemmygail believes that we all don't have to do bad things just to find happiness. Even in simple yet colorful visuals, we can smile and find peace and joy.


A Few of Her Awards...

San Mauro Film Festival

May 2018. "Fishi", "The Little Pink Dragon", "I wish", and "Spike and Petal" accepted as semi-finalist

International Open Film Festival New York

Semi-Finalist Film Treatment / Synopsis "The Little Pink Dragon" Jun 2016

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne

Nov 2015. Official Selection and 'Official Nomination' for awards and recognition.

Best in Graphic Design 2015

Mar 2015 University of San Carlos

Best Student in Graphics

Oct 2013 University of San Carlos

Adobe Photoshop Contest

1st Runner-up. 2010. AMA Computer Learning Center


I started pursuing my passion last 2012 when I was still working at ePerformax as a customer support representative for eBay NA. As I work, I kept on reading Wikipedia about the life stories of my favorite artists. It’s been 3 years working as a CSR that I realized it wasn’t exactly what I wanted in life. I cannot imagine myself doing this work until my hair turned white. So I made a decision that has changed my life entirely! I went back to what I am originally passionate about, something that I can imagine myself doing even with silver hair. So that’s when I went back into the arts! I knew then that it was all destined by God because everything’s been great, I feel the purpose in my life. I have a path to take, I know where I am going. Currently, I am on the road with God, but it’s gonna be awesome in the end, for sure!

My Creative History

I started drawing at the age of 4-5 years old. And as I remember, I can already illustrate realistic humans at age 9. I remembered using “My Book of Bible Stories” as my reference, I don’t have enough images before.

I am also fond of most artistic skills. Aside from illustration contests, I joined singing competitions when I was younger, and earned some awards. I also did a lot of dancing, and even dreamed of becoming a dancer! I was self studying ballet and did some presentations. I always wanted to do ballet, and gymnastics! 

But of course, I wasn’t just a fan of arts, I was an academician. I was always an A student, always wanted to achieve perfection in most subjects. Math was my favorite because I learn easily, and history was one of my most hated subject, until I realized it recently to be fun too.