An original masterpiece that gives lessons and meaning to anyone who loves to read. Perfect for kids who just started reading, ages 5 and above.


Grab your copy now! Original from the Author herself. You and your kids can enjoy a paperback picture book, hardcover, or even Kindle and eBook!

Wrapped by Petals Children's Picture Book by Bemmygail


    Frequently asked questions

    Digital Services

    How long does this take?

    We deliver within 7-10 business days for illustration. And our animation will be 14-30 days.

    Where to attach my reference files?

    You may send it via email or fill out this form: Attach Files

    Can I see more samples please?

    Of course! Visit

    What does the license mean?

    Personal Use - Use it anyway you like for yourself without making money out of it, and if shared, credit the studio. Use it as a profile photo, gift to loved ones, meme, frame it as a home decoration, turn into a personal book of stories, and so much more! Commercial Use - Sell the art, and make profit from it. Turn it into a children's book and publish!

    What source files can you give?

    If you selected to include the source file, we will send you the PSD source file which can be opened with photoshop. We use many other adobe tools legally, and usually finalize it with PSD.

    Do you have feedback from well known sites like Upwork?

    Yes! I have started on Upwork, and then Fiverr, and now includes direct to my website as your way to order! Click here for Upwork reviews. Click here for Fiverr Reviews. Click here for facebook reviews.

    What if I am not happy with the delivery?

    We provide a fixed revision of up to 2 rounds.

    How will I receive the delivery?

    Via email. Wait for an email within 7 days for the delivered file.

    What custom backgrounds can you make?

    Anything you can think of.

    Is a request for change the same as a revision?

    No. All the details you provide when you purchase is the one we will follow. If there are additional changes, we will send you another invoice to continue with your new changes.

    What kind of stories and images are allowed?

    Please visit our services policy at the "Special Order Limit" bottom section.

    Can you do bulk orders like a package book?

    Yes of course! We've been doing this for years and have published multiple books of illustrations. You can order each page here, or we can send you a custom offer. Just reach out to us via quote request from the bottom section of SERVICES or Google Forms.

    Physical Products

    Are all these products originally designed?

    Yes, 100%

    Digital Products

    What kind of files will I receive?

    You can see from the product details the file you will receive. (e.g. PDF, JPEG, PNG)


    Bemmygail is phenomenal! She is extremely easy to work with and extremely talented. She's intelligent, and easily understands what I need to have done. She pays close attention to all artistic details and her artistic conception is outstanding. Her attitude is phenomenal. I totally enjoy working with her!!!!

    Caroline C., Children's Book Author

    Bemmy is very talented. She is very professional, patient, kind and caring. It really matters for her if you like the project, she is always asking what you think. I am very grateful. Thanks

    Renata, Illustration and Animation

    I so appreciate how fast and thorough this illustrator is! She was such a huge help to our company, and I’m very pleased with the results!! Thank you so much for your work!

    Audrey, Children's Book Author