​Where to Find Freelance Jobs Online?

The very question most people ask me when it comes to earning money online. There are so many popular platforms today, but I am sure people also look for results from these platforms. So today, I will show you the places I’ve looked online and got hired. I also include new sites that I find to be interesting and can be an option also to get hired online.

The first thing to think about when looking for an online Job:

  1. Are you looking for a full-time job, 40 hours a week?

  2. Do you want to work by project or hourly work?

  3. What is your best category to work for? Design, admin tasks?

  4. Do you have payment methods to use when you get paid?

  5. Do you have an updated portfolio, an online visual page about you and your previous work or experience?

  6. Are you ready to be responsible for any online client project? That means you have the time for every project accepted, the skills, and tools necessary to complete it.

Make sure you have answers to these questions before applying. These are very important before you proceed to look for jobs online. People think it’s that easy to find a job online, but really, it’s more of God’s timing, God’s plan for me.

Benefits of working online:

  1. Your own schedule

  2. No more commuting

  3. Goodbye to makeup and clothing budget

  4. No need to meet with coworkers

  5. Easier to work on a project and complete it.

  6. Have fun while working!

  7. Wider scope of work at your fingertips

  8. A chance to travel

  9. Get fat lol! Make sure you exercise!

  10. Chance to learn new skills on your own

I’d love to share details about learning new skills on your own in another post soon.

Anyways, below are the websites that helped me land a job online.

1. Upwork.com

The best online site I know that really works. It was oDesk, a competitor of elance before, but now they merged and become one company called Upwork. I know because I worked on both sites with projects at that time. You have to make sure that you have fully set up your profile on Upwork before rushing into applying for a job. And also, you need to read information about your protection and safety as a freelancer, how to detect bad clients and scammers and many more. You can do the reading while working on your profile. The website has all kinds of jobs you can think of, it also has long-term contracts and project-based contracts. It has many options for payment method too, PayPal is one of it or local bank account. I got hired here multiple times, and most long-term projects. I would also be honoured to make another post dedicated to Upwork only.

2. Fiverr.com

I have to say, this website has a really different style of work, it’s unique and very interesting. You have to try this! Any kind of skill you can think of, you can sell it on Fiverr. You just need to make sure you’re always active to answer any questions from buyers and is sure to deliver any orders. It’s nice to think that you are now the boss of your own business, and your product is actually your skill. You also need to set up your gig properly, make sure to read recommended ways to make a neat gig that really attracts buyers. Of course, this type of business or work will be project-based, not really long-term. But they do have PayPal as your payment method for getting paid.

The rest that I am going to show you are options that could work for you based on my experience and experiment. I didn’t get a job from these sites yet, but I’ve been digging Information already, and still active from these sites to find work. Projects could be anywhere, so better have profiles from these sites setup.

1. Freelancer.com

This has been super popular online as the mother of all freelance sites. It has a lot of projects, and very active. But I find most projects here low-cost, and the competition is stiff. So many people with super low bid are competing against each other. I get tired of just looking at them. But it’s no harm trying this site. They also offer hourly jobs, project-based, and even have contests available. Also, you can show off your services too which is a big plus. But for me, the contest is not really helpful for people looking for real money. The site also has some subscription with different levels which is kind of annoying, too many things to read and do on the website, which beats the purpose of simply looking for a job and earning money. But really just try, I also have an account here, with my profile setup, and also trying out features and see which are working and which are not.

2. Guru.com

This site is so clean and straightforward. Very simple to navigate. I have a profile set up here also, and they also have hourly and fixed projects available. Services is also your option to post while waiting for clients to hire you. The only downside I found is that there are fewer projects here than the sites I mentioned above. They have projects every day, but not as much as Upwork or freelancer.

Some sites I am familiar with, worth a try.

1. Toptal

Ever heard of this site? Toptal has a super tedious process of selecting applicants, they select the best first, and only the very best can get in and be available for work. I didn’t go through with it because of the time it takes to process interviews, phone calls, proving your worth for them. But really, it’s worth trying it out. Who knows you’ll get accepted and can forget about the entire process once you have a big project at hand!

2. Hubstaff

I just tried this one, and I think it’s interesting. A site is actually a software for tracking time, so the best part is working directly with the company, no middleman. The site has job boards too, so you can easily look for jobs and companies here.

Your Own Website

I received multiple projects through my website. It will start from inquiry if I am available and if I can do the job. Then, if we both agree on our terms, we can go to Upwork or Fiverr to arrange payments and milestones. Your website is like your very own home on the internet world, or more like a business address where anyone (company or individual) can visit and learn more about you, your skills and portfolio. I think you should focus on making your website searchable, easy to access, and always updated. After all, the other freelance sites are just like markets, but your website is your very own brand.

These are the sites you can check out if you plan on working online full-time. Freelance is definitely a great way to explore and use your skills.

What else do you think are effective sites for freelance work? Post it on the comments below!

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