The Stand Against CoronaVirus is Here

After being quarantined for more than 3 months now, I realized how fearful are human beings, which makes us all imperfect and sounds like completely helpless.


Before I proceed to explain our stand on this virus, I'd like to express that I also am not perfect, but am perfect in the eyes of God because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. This is an open message, and I don't want any debates against this. If you wish to voice your concerns about this pandemic, please direct it to yourself, or the authorities, and not to me.

Fear is Our Enemy

Have you seen the news all over the internet? Everyone seems so excited to post the bad news of the number of CoronaVirus cases every day. Of course, the result, we all know, people on panic! Panic causes stress. Stress, well everyone knows the cure for this, RELAX, be joyful, stay peaceful and surrender everything to God. I can say this because I've known many people, even relatives who died thinking that they also have a great illness, that they believed that hereditary disease could kill them anytime. And yes, people died just assuming that they are really sick.

I have this experience in my own body. A straightforward example of me believing that there was an insect who got inside my ears one night. I was so scared, I could probably die because the insect can lay eggs inside, or even go inside my brain! I was so fearful, I cried to my mother that I want to go to the doctor to remove the insect! I felt in my ears that there's really something in there moving. We went to the specialist to have my ears checked, I can even see my inner ears on the video. It looks so clean and pinkish. The doctor also said that my ears are healthy. After that day, a few more days have gone, and I still believe that somehow the insect went inside and maybe left something inside. Perhaps the insect really went inside my head or something. Because of this fear, this annoying belief that the insect could be there inside my head, I began to have pain on my ear side, about half of my head feels pain. I am even more scared now that there's pain on my head, the insect must have made a colony in here! After staying worried, I started getting rashes all over my skin, from my neck to my whole body. It's so scary! I might die!

Being so full of fear is crazy bad, even after coming from the doctor, with medicine for the ears all, I still have anxiety. Every day I wake up, I feel the pain in my ears. But my mother told me that God also designed our ears to be protected from insects. Insects also must have been designed not to go inside a human's ear. We belong to the top of the food chain. Adam named all the animals, we're the boss! Ever since that day, I started believing that there was really no insect at all. I still feel the pain, there are still rashes. Mother told me more stories about our relatives perceiving that they are not sick, and sickness eventually just go away. My family told me to stop being worried and only practice to not think I ever have pain. I started believing it and telling my brain, I am all well and beautiful and healthy. Immediately after accepting it, I felt relief on my ears. A few more days of not being worried, the pain is gone! Eventually, the rashes are also gone. They slowly went to my legs, to my foot and then completely gone! After more than 15 years, here I am, super gorgeous!

So with my personal testimony, I hope you are enlightened about fear as our enemy. There are more personal stories I'd love to share about fear and faith. I'd like to share it soon.

Bad News is Bad

With that said, I have come to the conclusion that spreading fear is not good. Making a tally of the number of COVID cases every day, and showing it to be very scary and dangerous, is not good at all. It will only cause people to fear, and to not even think of a solution. I hope that people will start to motivate each other that we should not worry. By all means, follow the guidelines of good hygiene and healthy lifestyle. Just be updated rarely of the bad news, and keep listening to the good news. Good news is news that tells you the solution, recoveries, and testimonies of people getting healed.

The solution provided by the government about breathing hot steam to kill the virus is right. I think that doctors should stop feeling useless if there is an effective remedy available at home for all the people, without having to buy medicine, pay hospital fees, or become a patient in a hospital.

Just a thought and I might be wrong, but in tech, we have a computer virus. And also, we have anti-virus. There are people hired to make viruses so that anti-virus can sell. Could that also be the case with CoronaVirus?

The purpose of doctors is to heal people, not turn all into patients. Breathing hot steam has been used by our ancestors for hundreds or thousands of years. And it is entirely logical if you think about it. I love hot water, I love coffee or tea. I drink hot drinks two to three times a day because it feels good in my lungs, removes colds, and feels good in the tummy. It also helps with easy pooping because the bad air is pushed down more. Sorry if this doesn't sound appropriate, but it's the truth. :D

It doesn't need the signature of a doctor to do it. Don't be offended, I respect doctors, lawyers, policemen, and just anyone with a noble profession. Still, when it comes to my own body, I respect it more than anyone because this is the temple of the Holy Spirit. My body is perfect, my body is healthy, and no one can ever force me to do anything against it, or to make me believe that medicine is more important than one's faith. I hope you value yours too. People easily believe the invisible virus, rather than the Word of God. In the end, you really are what you believe. If you believe you're sick, then you must be really sick.

I hope that our president can read about this. I hope that he can use his common sense this time like he always does before. He's been a great leader, and I appreciate that he listens to specialists too. But the things I hear from the specialists is that they keep pushing the testing, research, experiment, quarantine the healthy, and just talk about how massive the number of sick people is. If you think about it, testing is not gonna solve anything.

I am healthy and quite tired of staying at home. I work at home, so I am used to this lifestyle. But I would love to go outside once in a while. With this quarantine, I feel so imprisoned even though I didn't do anything wrong. Our family has been so good at following the rules, but staying so long inside, and seeing no result to the minds of people, and the authorities make me so sad for them, and tired. At least I have my dog and little brother to walk with outside. :)

In the Bible, those quarantined are the sick ones, not the healthy ones. Because of imprisoning the healthy, our economy is collapsed. But there is always a way to bring it back up again if we can all just realize it.

I hope that they will start with the fundamental way of healing people, that is to boost our immune system, listen to good messages, good news, and motivations, and direct us into being fearless of all sickness.

The Solution

  • Unfollow people who are so excited about the bad news.

  • Block or redirect the bad news into something useful.

  • Unfollow people who are sharing only the problem, and does not want a solution. You know who they are. Just unfollow, it won't hurt them.

Listen always to the good news, especially the good news from the Bible! By His Stripes, We Are Healed.
  • Listen to the authorities updates and guidelines. It's always good to follow the law of the land. We are not kids.

  • Respond to the authorities if you're against it, politely. Tell them about your problem, not the problem of others you want to solve without having proper proof.

  • Tell people to not worry.

  • Share the right solutions and ideas that help SOLVE the problem, not make it worse.

  • Proper hygiene and manners! No spitting, smoking and just being dirty disgusting in public.

  • Just wear a mask if you feel you need it, but take it off if you can't breathe.

I love my country, and I love the people here. I also liked the Philippine Government, I want to solve this pandemic asap! Don't you just dream of going outside again? Feeling the cool breeze, seeing the happy faces of the Filipinos? Then let's all work together and spread good vibes! Stop the fear, live a healthy lifestyle, live a good life, and help everyone become awesome!

I'm not into debates, and just simply want a solution. I hope these ideas and solutions can help you change your mind. God bless us all!

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