The Perfect Planner of the Year

Every productive individual wants that perfect planner where they can quickly bring with them anywhere. I am one of them.

Where Is My Perfect Planner?

Well, then you can ask why not use smartphones instead? I also use my smartphone for planning my day, but I just can't find the best app for it! Can you? Even if I found a good app, there is always something missing. I hate it when new apps show up on ads, I try to install it, but then it's just not exactly usable. It doesn't show the whole day unless you press a button somewhere. It doesn't give me the option to get an overview of the entire week or the whole month. It's just only annoying!

Plus, I also want a planner where I can draw, or make some sketches, fill it with butterflies and flowers, or maybe add a little photo snap. I couldn't do everything on a smartphone app. Even though there are phones now with a pen, I just don't feel the ease and freedom of writing on a real paper and pen.

There are times when the app almost had everything, but then I have to pay every month so that I can use it. But of course, there must be a fee for running an app and maintaining it. If I don't have access to my phone, I just can never have access to the smartphone planner! There are times that I have to wait for my desktop to open, so I will use my phone app to check on my to-do list, but it loads the app, or that there is an update on the phone, so it will take me another few minutes to actually use my phone. There are also other apps distracting me like someone just messaged me, or I got an email, etc. It's taking another few minutes to actually just check my daily tasks.

Commercial Planners

That's why I decided to buy a planner online instead. I found some good ones, but, yes there's still a 'but', it's still incomplete. I purchase many planners now like:

So it has individual papers I can use. It's customisable, indeed. I love it! But, the problem I feel is that I am losing some pages, usually because I've misplaced it, or that someone threw it away because it's just one paper. I couldn't review the previous days quickly because of this.

So, I tried buying one book planner instead. I found this lovely piso planner by Chinkee Tan, and I love it! It has the month, and weeks efficiently planned out. But the primary goal of this planner is purely financial. Everything is about budgeting which isn't bad for those looking for a planner like this. From the name itself, it should be all about budgeting. My only issue is that I have to get a separate planner for my daily tasks instead.

I have a lot of issues with planners. I always want a one that fits all kind of planner. I want it to be a book-type so that I can carry at once, and I want to have a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily plan, and some gratitude journals and Bible verses to encourage me every day. That's why I thought of making my own instead! And behold, I completed my 1 year planner for the first time!

Bemmygail's Planner 2021

Yes! I finally have my very own, fully customisable planner, small enough to bring with me, real paper, and complete with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily pages. It even includes Bible verses, areas to write journals, more like a diary of my own!

Yes, my friends, it comes with a paperback, a hardcover, and an ebook version. It's now available in all online stores possible! I am offering it as a digital download or ebook, paperback and hardcover here on my website as well.

Check How Awesome is My Planner

The ten commandments. :)

  1. It comes with a paperback, ebook and hardback versions. Perfect for anyone who wants different things.

  2. It's a small 5x8 with less than 350 pages.

  3. The daily part has divided 2 days per page, with the last day of the week having a section for you to write your gratitude list and notes. Trust me, it can bring you happiness once you start listing what you're grateful for each week. You can even write it in the journal section of your dailies too!

  4. I have included 2 years, the year 2020 and 2021. But this is just the calendar, where you can encircle the essential dates, and plan your primary goals for the rest of the year. The rest of the book is purely customisable. You can start in any month, and complete the whole year with just this one book!

  5. It has Bible verses in most pages! An excellent way to start your day!

  6. One great thing I love about this is that you have everything, from yearly plans, monthly, weekly, and daily! Every section is entirely created for you!

  7. Every page has fun looking theme, with bright colours. If you're like me, you will easily smile looking at the pages. But of course, there's always room for personalization. Go get your colourful pens, or add some stickers and play with the pages!

  8. I included a section where you can enter some fun stickers or photos for your memories.

  9. Reminders for your contact numbers, utilities are included too!

  10. It's so personal, you can enter your name and complete details at the beginning of the book. It's like a fairytale!

I'm planning to use this format for my future planners. This is really exciting. No more papers and weird apps on my desk! I am going to make many new planners that are customisable like this, but with some formidable challenge and rules like not allowing you to write complaining or discouraging words, or turn it into a gaming book with points. It's going to be awesome! This is the first of the series, and I'll be making some more.

A youtube video of my planner will be released, and many other images and videos will be created soon to showcase the awesomeness of this planner. I'm in love with it, I'll it use it myself!

So if you think you like it, buy it now! Make sure to follow me or subscribe to get the latest updates about productivity, freelancing, fashion, illustration and animation for kids, music, faith, lifestyle, and many more!

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