The Future of Red Stone

Hello again everyone! I hope everyone’s having fun checking out my work on my website, and getting the latest updates about my project Red Stone: The First Battle. Before completing the idea of my story, I already have a vision of making this book into a series of books with different subtitles. So let me share my fun plans below.

Book Series

I am still planning on arranging my ideas. I have created a lot of original characters with beautiful back stories ready to be added to the main story of Red Stone. I am hoping to turn this into an epic story where every character is a joy to experience. I will unfold new adventures and new characters for every book I release. The next book will be most likely about a new character added to the story, and it will be more about discovering new skills and places in this fantasy world. I will not add the complete details here of course, but the tentative title for my next book will be Red Stone: Mind and Body. It’ll be somewhat a new adventure, having new friends, teamwork, and fun! I’ll be introducing 2 great new characters here.


I’d love to make a webtoon series version of my story. It’s a lot of illustration work without pay for my part if I go this route, but this is one I consider making once I have established the book properly, and when I am ready, I will make a webtoon series for this story 🙂

Young Adult Novel Adaptation

My sister wants to make an adaptation of my book for young adults, and I think that is a great idea. She is really good at writing, so I am sure it will be great! This is still a plan, but I am looking forward to this route.

Animated Series

I am also thinking of slowly making animated series for this story. I am honestly in love with the story myself and want it to be shown to the whole world. But animating a series is a lot of work, knowing that I also work with other projects for a living. Since a book is the best medium for lower cost and time, animated series is still a tentative plan. But, once I have enough followers/fans of the book, I’d like to start a simple 2D 10-30 seconds of animation. It is easier to see the story in a video, but I won’t be showing the entire story on this 2d animation yet. I will be making free 2d animation shorts on youtube, and then book/DVD promotion at the end of each video. 🙂 Youtube now has a new policy of 10k views so, for the meantime, I will be using youtube to increase my views while I promote my products.

Film Adaptation – DVD

Animated films are not easy or quick to create, so in order to save my films for the future, I will be distributing them as DVDs and will show trailers and free shorts online for promotion. 🙂 I don’t think I can start making a full feature film yet, so maybe a short film first, with teaser trailers online.


I would love to make original background music for this story. It’s still a vision and in progress. I am not completely an expert in music, so I will be needing help from other people for this part. I’d love to find a good music and message that fits perfectly with this story. I’m hoping to make the music both epic and catchy, and turn into an album just like songs for Tinkerbell films. 🙂


Free Perks

I am documenting my entire process on my blog, so I will have a lot of sketches, and ideas, written files, and other files that helped me make this entire project. I will be sharing these perks soon, as free items when you purchase my products. And I am sure many will ask me about how I did all these, so I am also planning on making tutorial videos on how everything is done. You can direct your questions through social media, and the most asked questions, I’ll answer by making video tutorials. Some may be free for video tutorials, some are not. (I know, it’s not that easy or quick to make a video)

Thank you so much for subscribing and following this journey, I hope this future will be super bright and colorful, that everyone can enjoy and learn so much from. Keep following!

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