The Chronicles of Writing My First Children’s Book – Red Stone: The First battle

I am in the process of making my very first and original story into a fully illustrated children’s book. I’ve been researching about how I can self-publish the book and the entire process of making it. I now know how to format and prepare the book. I just need to complete the interior part of the book. I can’t wait to finish it and publish it to the whole world. I hope it’s going to be super popular, but I am hoping for everyone’s support!

About The Book

The First of the series, Red Stone: The First Battle is about a young princess destined to save her twin and protect her kingdom. It’s available for kids 8+ with full illustrations throughout the pages of the book. It’s a series since I have prepared multiple stories ready for sharing someday.

The book will be available globally, in ebook format, kindle, amazon, Barnes and nobles, softcover, and hardcover.

Pre-Order for $5.99

Once the book is done, you’ll be able to download the limited edition, straight from the author/artist website pdf download.


I have a plan to turn this into an animated series, so I hope you can help me make this happen.

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