Social Profile Separation from the Studio | May 2020 Update

Hello everyone! There is much exciting news awaiting the studio this mid of 2020. We will be releasing vlogs, tips and tricks with graphic tools and art, fashion, movies, music, and faith! Because of this, we will be separating the social profiles of the studio - Bemmygail Creative Studio - from Bemmygail's public social profile.

Because of the quarantine, we realized that many people would eventually adjust to an online lifestyle. Mostly will work online, buy online, communicate online, and even study in universities online. To cater to all your needs, we decided to make this official, to connect with you directly online.

Yes, that is right. We will be working online for all our services. There will still be shops and merchandise available to buy and ship to you, that won't change, except that the process will be entirely online for our part, and your role.

Below, we will list the official changes in our studio:

  1. Bemmygail, our CEO will make a single public profile to release vlogs not entirely related to illustrations and animations.

  2. Bemmygail Creative Studio will be separate from Bemmygail's social profile. The posts will be all about the studio's work and process in illustration and animation.

  3. Bemmygail's public profile will produce topics like productivity, education, fashion, makeup, lifestyle, music and faith. These topics won't be connected to the studio moving forward.

  4. It will take some time to clean up the studio's social media accounts for anything that's not related, so please bear with us.

  5. Bemmygail Creative Studio will soon offer original traditional paintings for sale and physically shipped to you. This plan has been in our minds since we started the children's book illustration, so we hope this can ease your frustrations for purely digital art.

  6. Social Media Changes will take effect immediately.

  7. The studio's official name on social media is @BemmygailCreativeStudio and our CEO's professional social media name is @Bemmygail

These changes are proof that coronavirus has no power against us people of purpose. We will stand tall and kick this virus away!

We believe that shortly, most of our needs and wants can be achieved entirely online or remotely. We are the studio of the future, and together we will move forward with head held high and all happy doing so.

Thank you for all your trust and continued support of our studio and what we do. If you have any questions, suggestions, feel free to comment or get in touch with us.

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