Self Publishing My Book – What I know so far

Self Publishing My Book

What I Know So Far (For Children’s Book)

Step 1: Story

Have a super amazing story, that even you can fell in love with it!

  1. Check self-publishing sites for requirements and sample templates

  2. Decide the size of your book

Self-publishing sites:

  1. Createspace – free to submit, you’ll just pay for a proof copy if you want to sell printed copies

  2. Blurb – Same, free to submit, just pay the proof copy

  3. Lulu – Same, free to submit, just pay the proof copy

Step 2: Write

Write it down, from start to finish. Divide it into chapters if you need to.

Step 3: Prepare

Format the story (Or find someone to format it for you). I used Bookwright from blurb, it also has a plugin for InDesign users. I like the app, it’s easy to use and you can see the preview of the book which makes it more exciting.

Step 4: Cover Page

Create the cover page. Or hire someone to illustrate or design the cover page for you. I am an illustrator and have illustrated children’s books as my main job so I have experience making the cover and illustrations.

Step 5: Start Promoting

Once the cover is done, you now have a photo to show off to! Start marketing, open facebook page, set up everything on social media, including the release date (even if tentative) and if you have a book trailer, start promoting it. Share to as many social media sites as you can, also include Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Schedule blog posts related to the book, or the making of the book.


You may also have a book trailer set up, just like mine. Or you may also offer a pre-order. I am not sure if someone will buy this, but I just go with the options available. I make my marketing materials on my own, if you wish me to help you with your book marketing, just check out my services online: I can help you with illustration, video trailer, animation, and more! Just contact me if you have any questions!

Step 6: Finish the Book

Illustrate all the pages, complete the pdf file. Submit to the editor or to anyone you know that’s kind to you, have it reviewed, proofread, checked, and make sure it has no errors and looks gorgeous.

Step 7: Submit and Sell

Once you’re ready, submit to self-publishing sites like CreateSpace, blurb, or lulu. Start selling and promoting your product online!

Step 8: Sell as Print on Demand

If you want printed copies, submit your pdf for proof copies (CreateSpace, blurb, or lulu), once your proof copies arrived, approve them and then you can start selling on-demand hard copies all around the globe.

Step 9: Sell Locally

If you want to print locally, find local printers, and contact your favorite bookstores locally if would love to buy your book and display it in their stores.

Step 10: Keep Moving Forward

Keep promoting, earning, and enjoying!

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