Red Stone: The First Battle Book Cover Story

Red Stone: The First Battle Book Cover Story

Hello again everyone! I finally completed my book cover, it was a total of about 6-8 hours of work, and about 2 weeks to finish because I’m working on other projects. The idea of this cover is clearly based on the original story. I won’t share the entire story here, of course, just a glimpse of the main idea of the cover.

The cover includes the title in gold letters because the location of this book is rich in gold although this is not the main focus of the story. The story is also about fantasy that is why I have glowing energies around the cover. The 2 girls, left and right side are my gorgeous characters. I won’t explain the details of these characters, I want you to know it once you buy the book of course.


Why I made the cover look dark blue, with dark background sky and mountains? It’s because I love dark blue mixed with gold, it looks very royalty to me. I made the background dark sky because the story involves these themes. ?

I’ve made different covers and posters before, you can see that my style is into fantasy and realistic mixed with Disney princes’ style. I hope I can maintain this style or even make this better. Check out some samples of my work below:

The book is very simple to understand but fun to experience. I would love children and teens to not limit their minds on what and where they are right now, I want the kids to explore and enjoy life, not endure it. The story shows courage, bravery, not giving up, and enjoying what you have right now, to get out of the world and learn new and amazing things and not to think of yourself, but to do great things for others too.

I hope I can share more, but I’ll give updates as best as I can, and let you all know the progress of the book and the final output very soon. Keep posted, subscribe, share and like.

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Soon I will be sharing the online bookstores for where you can buy the finished copy in softcover, hardcover, or ebook formats. 🙂 I will be making a youtube video reading the story as well. Catch me in any malls one day, to get copies of my books. See you soon!

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