Red Stone and The Seven Descendants Book is Up!

From the publisher and producer of "Wrapped by Petals" children's poetry picture book, "The Little Pink Dragon" 3D animated short film, "Spike and Petal" 3D animated short film, here's the latest novella from Bemmygail Animation Studio!

The book is up! Red Stone and The Seven Descendants.

Mysterious beings, princes, princesses, warriors, mermaids, and more! You've never seen these epic stories before. Come and join us on this exciting journey through a mythical land and discover some of the most beautiful, unique, and peculiar creatures to have ever lived! From a giant white bird, a stone, to a princess and her soldiers. These characters will surely jump off the pages of your book and keep kids of all ages entertained for hours!

Order a copy for yourself, nieces, nephews, kids, friends, and family! Where to buy:

See the latest news on Facebook Official

Newly released. A perfect Christmas present!

Our 2020 goal has been achieved. Thank you to all who have supported. We will be distributing the book worldwide. Enjoy and be blessed!

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