New Freelancer Checklist – 9 Things You Need

Here is a simple list of things you need before you start freelancing.

Let’s prepare you how to start this journey. I am also not a fond of useless words, so let me get straight to the point.

What’s our checklist to start online freelancing?

  1. Your product

  2. Your brand

  3. Your skills

  4. Your equipment

  5. Your experience

  6. Your audience or target market

  7. Your services

  8. Your portfolio or examples

  9. References

That would be all. These are simple to comprehend or remember. But we are going to dissect each of them later on. Let me just explain each of them here real quick.

What’s your product? What’s that something you can offer to others online? It can be a physical product, it can be your skills and talents that you can turn into a digital copy.

What’s your brand? Do you have mission and vision, or goals of the product you are offering? How do you want people to know you?

Your skills, are they fit for the IT world? Can you easily use the computer to help others virtually? What skills can you use to help people online? I am focusing more on the creative online freelance career, so do you have the creativity that you can use and deliver it as a digital good?

What might be your tools? Is your laptop enough for your future client needs? Do you need to take voice calls? You might need a private room to answer video calls. Is your computer ready to take multiple creative projects? We’ll discuss the best computers and other gadgets you can use later.

How’s your experience? Can you count how many months or years have you been doing this skill previously?

Who might be your target audience or client? Do they need your skills right now? Would they prefer to receive your products online digitally?

What else can you offer to your clients aside from your main product, skill or talent? Can you provide customer service, professional negotiations, and extra revisions?

Can you provide examples of your previous work digitally? Do you have a website or a way for clients to view your previous work? A portfolio website is really important. From there you can then think about maybe making a video to advertise your portfolio and services.

Did you have past clients, boss, or coworker that can refer you or make a recommendation comment for you? That would really help, so make sure to save them or start sending emails to your friends now.

So these are the 9 things I’ll discuss more in my book to be published soon called “Jumpstart Your Creative Online Freelance Career”. These are extremely essential. I have learned all these throughout my life and experience for 10 years. All that I have learned from my previous jobs, they all worked together for me to realize and use them today. We might have the same experience and I am glad you can relate to these things.

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