Illustration and Animation August 2018 Update


There’s a bunch of book pages I am working this month, from illustration of characters and stories, to book formatting and typography. I also have current project for an animated series, where I work with a girl character. It’s still in the character development stage where I illustrate the body parts, from the client’s description of her.  She looks fabulous! A sneak peak of her image is below. Of course I don’t want to place the entire image here. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

I think this character is naturally gorgeous. I am hoping to see it animated soon. 

Here’s another that I am currently working. She’s a character from a children’s book. (Figure 2)You can follow my social media pages so that you’ll be updated to all my latest news. I usually upload screenshots of my wips. But for these samples here, these are only viewable on my blog. I have different photos uploaded on social media sites, so keep posted. Here’s a cute girl, friend of the main character of a children’s book. And they are playing. 

Figure 2

I also have a personal project I’m working on. I’m hoping to make a very detailed children’s book illustration that has that traditional feel. Here’s a screenshot, and it’s not done yet. I hopefully would love to finish this. Also, there’s more illustrations I haven’t published because they’re still in progress. Remember the “Red Stone” book? I am working on it for the entire year, while I work with client projects. It’s difficult to work on both projects, but in my spare time I try to my best to finish it. Here we go,  here’s “Mimai Reading” illustration: (Figure 3)

Figure 3


I also had projects that require me to animate. I’ll show you one that is a client’s project, and the other one is a personal project. I am working mostly with 3D animation now, but I still love both 2D and 3D. The themes of my projects really align with what I am good at. 

This one is a personal project of mine, it’s my very own mascot named Mimai. I want her to have my personality. I want that cute and naughty vibe to show on her. Here she is: (Figure 4)

Figure 4

It’s a 3D character. It’s also my way of making a sculpture straight from zbrush. I am so happy to have finished this character using zbrush alone, for sculpting. I want to master zbrush because it feels so convenient to use. It’s like freehand drawing, I can sculpt with any organic shapes. Maya is good with 3d modeling, but I feel too limited with the shapes. Thank God for zbrush! I rigged my precious mascot using maya, advanced skeleton, it’s really a handy plugin. Thanks to all the developers of advanced skeleton! I will definitely share all my computer hacks soon on my vlog, I’ll probably start vlogging next month, or end of this month, so watch out! 🙂

And here’s a client project, I am working with nursery rhyme video. So I built characters from scratch, with zbrush and maya <3

Figure 5

This Humpty Dumpty, (Figure 5) 3d sculpt, and test render on mental ray. I haven’t added light effects yet, waiting to finalize the animation then I shall add some effects and proper colors. I hope my client likes it! 

I’m also starting to learn a new software, Moho. It’s a 2d animation software perfect for making 2d cartoons. I have used it once when I was in art school, because it’s originally named anime studio. My anime addict friend introduced this software. It’s like adobe flash, but with limited functionality. It’s easy to use too because you are only presented with essential tools to create an animated cartoon, but I still need more time to master the tools. It has drawing tools, rigging, and animation tools. Overall, I enjoyed using moho for 2d animation. You might wanna try it too!

If you have questions with illustration, animation and any technical problems with creative software, I might be able to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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