I Left My Day Job And Became an Entrepreneur

Good Bye Day Job Hello Entrepreneur

It’s been almost a year since I last worked a normal day job. It is an awesome experience. I have a mix of feeling scared, excited, and joyful. Scared, because I have no idea what’s next, and I feel blind and no control over my future. Excited, because every morning is a surprise from either social media updates or possible clients and projects. Joyful, because overall, even though I have no control over everything, it turned out to be fun and I am still alive. And to think about it, I have tripled to 4x my income than when I was still working a day job.


Alright, let me list the things I consider as benefits working at home, online.

  1. I am my own boss. I know it’s not always like that because clients are my boss, but the freedom to make my own schedule, to sleep or lie down on my bed anytime, drink water, juice, or go to the restroom for as long as I want, no rules how I sit, no workmate to annoy me and my work, because not all workmates want to work, most will want to pass the time not doing anything, which is not my kind of employee, no need to ask permission from anybody about how I dress, no need to wear makeup, no need to fix errors on pc that I don’t even own (permission issues!), and so much more! I am really my own boss.

  2. Open Opportunity. It’s because this work is very open to possible opportunities. Anything can happen every day. I can be given an offer for the $$$ amount of money anytime. I can be invited to any events, workshops, freelance work opportunities either international or local, and I can even enjoy my day not working but just enjoying. Really, it’s a whole world of possibilities each day, and even though I have no control, I can see how free and open my every tomorrow will bring.

  3. Schedule of Pay. I know that not everyone has the same experience with getting their salaries. I get my income mostly every week. Sometimes I get enough, sometimes I get a lot! And it feels amazing to expect income every week! You can quickly use your income for your needs, all your bills, groceries and etc.

  4. The flexibility of hours. Depending on the project you’re currently working, you have the option to properly schedule all your tasks, and save a few days to just relax and enjoy. You can adjust your schedule according to importance, or urgency. Conveniently, you can adjust your work being productive and then have your precious “me time”.

  5. Building a product. I have been studying business because of freelancing, and with a lot of research, I realized that you need to have a product. With freelance work, you can properly plan your dream product, something that can be turned into an asset which can also be a passive income along the way. This is so important to me because a passive income makes you super peaceful in the future!

  6. Global Exposure. With a regular day job, you don’t have enough time to make your self-brand exposed for the whole world to see, you are limited to the company and it’s employees usually. In my regular day job before, I don’t even have enough time to post on Facebook what is my current project. Every end of the day, I always want to go home and sleep! With a freelance job, you have all the tasks in front of you, it’s up to you how to manage all your tasks, schedule them one at a time and properly post your portfolios, network with professionals in your industry and be exposed in the global market!

  7. New Skills. Honestly, with this freelance life, you can schedule yourself to watch tutorials that help you gain new skills. You can accept projects that you aren’t fully an expert with, and learn the skill as you go. The human standard of education cannot beat experience.

  8. No Office Politics. I am sure you have experienced this, we all have! Gossips, workmate attitude, work issues inside the company, politics! You don’t experience that in the freelance world. The client will hire you because of your skills, you are capable of the job, not just because you are super friends with the client. A client pays your talent!

  9. No Commute. Yes, you don’t have to wait in line, sweat your life looking for PUV! The time it takes to travel, it will be added to your productivity time working as a freelancer. And the excess time, you can use it for yourself, and spend it with your family and for all your human needs!

  10. Freedom. Why? You can choose what kind of project you want to work with, you can choose what kind of client you wish to collaborate with! It’s all up to you and your situation. Take note, losing one client does not mean unemployment.

  11. Full Credit. This is a huge thing for me. When you work on a project, you can demand full credit for your work. A company is not controlling you. You have full control of how copyright works with your own work.

  12. New Relationship. You can have a super wide area of a new client relationship. Every project means a new connection, a new friend, a new relationship. You can always learn from people and their projects. A new client means, new opportunities beyond opportunities.

What else did I not cover? Let me know in the comments below.

What is the biggest change?

Obviously, and primarily, that is $$$ – money! Money people, money! I earn so much more from doing freelance work. I feel like my value as an artist is really rewarded. I have explored so many areas of arts and entertainment because of this way of work. Just imagine working in a regular job with a below-expected salary, you work (even if you love the work), get in the office, work your tasks for the day, commute to home dreadfully, and when you’re home, you have to move fast, eat fast, and talk little with your family, then sleep, because tomorrow you have to commute again, and you know what amount of money you are going to receive after 15 days. That feels so unfair, in my opinion. But I know, I won’t make it here without the things that happened in the past. So, I am still thankful, but with this blog, I hope I can show you my experience and help you realize how your life can be even better. Freelance is not for everyone, but you can always have the CHOICE to go this route.

Advice to employees?

Do what your gut is telling you. (In my case, I am sure it’s God who made all these happen) You just feel that you have to get out of your job and do something that satisfies you. It’s difficult to explain, but you will know that you are not in the right place and that you need to do something about it. Go MOVE! Do something about it!

Learn as much as you can with your skill, make sure it’s world-class. Study how to make business deals, how to talk to other humans either in email, chat or voice. Study your skill, and your value, and promote yourself as much as you can and AS SOON AS YOU CAN. When I say promote, try to learn what skill you have in you that you can offer to others for $$$, and share this with people that might need it.

Plans for the future?

Right now, I want to have a passive income through a product that I am passionate about and want this product to help change the world for the better. I want to share all that I have learned, and motivate other humans to keep pushing for their dreams. I hope and pray that my future product will be completely realized, so that I can finally do something for the community, at the same time enjoy this life with the Lord and my family! Right now, I want to be useful! I never thought about this when I was still working in a company. But now it’s totally different, I want to be useful, that’s why I need a passive income to make me live while being useful.

So many new things to do in the future, I couldn’t share them all here. But I’ll keep you posted on all the things I will discover! Let’s have a super amazing adventure, everyone! 🙂

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