How to draw human in different positions

I’d love to share some of my current work today. I will show you how I draw a human in any kind of positions. Most people, especially those just starting out with drawing, find it difficult to draw human in any position they want. So here’s my very simple technique for you.

I’ll show a timelapse video of my sketch at the end of this blog.

Step 1

Image it, make sure it’s clear in your mind what you want the image to look like. Imagine where the body parts are. Then use circles to make estimates where they go on the image. Mine here is a human trying to jump, or going to teleport. It’s an image of a book project I am currently working – personal project of mine. You’ll find out who is this person soon.

There are many ways to do this though, the best way to get the right form is to use reference image. But that will not help you learn, I guess. It’s so much better to use your mind and hand to do it.

Step 1

Step 2

Start forming the head from the circles you created. Erase the circle of the head, and start sketching a read form of head you want. Imagine where it’s looking, how the head’s going to look. Anyway, you can erase it anytime it does not look good for you.

Step 3

Start forming the neck, shoulders and arms going down. I started adding hair to my character here. And see the foot? I started adding a foot lifting here, as if it’s going to jump.

Step 4

Adding more details to the body parts. I added the proper form of my arms, and legs here. I also started sketching some details of the face. You should see some emotions on the face already.

Step 5

I have to do some adjustments to the legs. Try to look at the whole body if it does not look awkward, and adjust as you see fit.

Step 6

And here’s the final sketch, well it’s not yet done of course. I have to add more details and adjust some parts depending on how I want it when I start coloring. But you can start from here.

A very simple technique to start creating your own character and make it do whatever position you’d like. And finally, here is the very quick video of how I sketched my human in this position. Very quick and easy, just start with imagination, circles, and details. 

Questions? Comment them down below! More to come as I have been working on my children’s book, the red stone this year, I am so eager to share contents like these for you. Tutorials, more sketches, and fun illustrations will be available free as soon as the red stone book is ready on stores!

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