FunFaBerry PC Game Project 2019

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Thanks for your interest in this game project of mine. I am very happy to share my 2d game project. The name of the game is FunFaBerry. At the end of the post, you can download and enjoy the game!


  1. Plan

  2. Concept

  3. Rules and how to play

  4. Description of levels

  5. Conclusion

  6. Strengths

  7. Weakness


1.0 PLAN

Title: FunFaBerry


Collect all fluff balls needed to build a canon and restore FunFaBerry.

Monster Characters:

Called Fluffs

BlueBelly fluff’ – High speed, high jump, Jumps up to 2 steps.

2.0 Concept

Concept art for the game called FunFaBerry. The character is Puff BlueBelly, he is a fluff and a hero of the game.

  1. About the FunFaBerry

The game name is FunFaBerry. It is the name of the place where fluffs live. FunFaBerry is a beautiful place filled with colorful creatures. However, the neighbor kingdom of grey monsters are jealous of their joy, that they attacked and conquered FunFaBerry. All the joy and beauty of the place is destroyed. Fluff monsters died and some are banished in the dark forest. Fluff Bluebelly, want to take back their land, so the user must help the fluff win every obstacle and collect fluff balls to bring joy back to FunFaBerry. Each level will have monsters guarding the place, so user must be careful.

  1. Type of Game

This is a super easy to understand 2D platform game. The main hero runs on a platform, and must collect all the needed objects to fulfill its goal and get the reward of restoring FunFaBerry. The user must help find the fluff balls, and fight the monsters on the way.

  1. Description of the game

Once upon a time, the world of fluff is a peaceful, fun and beautiful land where all cute fluffs live. However, a jealous grey monster clan want to remove the fun and color of this cute world. Therefore, they destroyed the world of fluff called FunFaBerry, now it is all in ruin and lost some of its colors. It is up to the fluffs to fix it.

Five courageous fluffs want to journey through each district and fix the world of fluff back to its former glory. The user must help one fluff named BlueBelly fluff find the fluff balls and rebuild FunFaBerry!

  1. Game controls

Each district has border, where the grey monster stays. Collect at least 30 fluff balls in the first district, and defeat the guarding grey monster.

Fluff monster can move left to right using the arrow keys, and jump using space bar. The fluff monster can also fire (fluff balls-turned purple laser) by pressing x.

3.0 Rules and how to play

Player must collect 30 fluff balls, take the collected fluff balls to the end of each level, fight the grey monster and bring beauty back to FunFaBerry. Fluff monster can attack by firing purple lasers to the grey monster. This way, the monster will disappear and Fluff can then use the collected fluff balls to restore funfaberry.

  1. Life System

The players will have 3 lives at the beginning of each level. When they are hit by grey monsters attack, they will lose 1 life each. There are life rewards along the way, if fluff can collect them all, he will have 5 lives in total.

  1. Punishment System

In the first level, the only punishment for the player to experience is losing life from grey monster attack. In the next level, the boss grey monster must be defeated. If the fluff cannot survive, you have to restart the game.

  1. Win and lose situations

The player can play repeatedly, but if the player loses 5 lives, the game restarts the level.

4.0 Description of levels

  1. Level 1

The very first level of the game. Fluff Bluebelly enters FunFaBerry and must run on the platform to find the fluff balls around. Fluff balls can be anywhere, so Fluff monster can jump on platforms above him to collect the fluff balls. There are no grey monsters while Fluff monster runs around the platform, but only at the end of level 1. At the very end or border of the first level, there will be a grey monster guarding the border. Fluff must fight against it and move to the next level to fix FunFaBerry. Fluff cannot move on to the next level if he hasn’t collected 30 or more fluff balls.

  1. Level 2

The second level is where the fluff monster must face the boss grey monster. The boss is a giant grey monster, so fluff must be careful. There are brown blocks to protect the fluff monster, and he can fire purple lasers to defeat the grey monster.

5.0 Conclusion

Thank you Mr Kia Wa for teaching me the process of making a 2d game using multimedia fusion. It is so much fun to have control over my characters and the story that I am trying to share.

Overall, making a 2d game in multimedia fusion is really fun. It may require me a lot of research and more experience to familiarize myself more with its use. Knowing how to use the tool to share my ideas and make my own stories is one great experience I will never forget.

6.0 Strengths

  1. Easy to navigate. Multimedia fusion 2.5 has really smooth and clean UI. Just getting to used to it, and everything will seem easy.

  2. Multimedia Fusion 2.5 is cost efficient and there’s a ton of people using it online to ask questions to. Forums can really help, as well as youtube.

  3. It has a large library of resources and assets to play around with.

7.0 Weaknesses

Creating 2d games with multimedia fusion 2.5, may be fun, but there are also downside to using it. The update of the software is quite slow, and the software or games we can produce is limited to 2D games only. Compared to unity or unreal engine, 3 dimensional games are still up and very popular today, with easier asset building for animations compared to flat 2d, in my opinion.

And finally, here is the link to the game. You can find the exe file with the assets. Simply download the exe file as well as the assets folder. Open the exe file, make sure to exempt it from your anti virus. No worries, my game is totally clean. Once you open it , you can start playing the game.

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