Daily Routine of an Online Content Creator and Influencer in the Making

Quarantine is almost gone! It's exciting to start anew. How are you doing? I'd like to share how I am doing during the quarantine, and probably moving forward as a content creator and future influencer.

First of all, we from Team Bemmygail are so happy to announce that we are officially a business! We have registered legally in our home country, and so we are more confident to showcase our work and offer our services worldwide. We are currently few in the team, but we'll be expanding in the next few months or years to come. We're so excited!

Anyway, moving forward to my daily routine in work (at home) life.

  1. Calendars or Schedules and Bills Yep, this is usually the very first thing I check every morning. As you all know, I am a full-time artist and content creator, and also studying at UP Open University for a bachelor's degree in Multimedia. Every day, I look for stories to write to my social media, and to my original contents. Arranging all my tasks for the week is quite important to me. Placing them all in a monthly or weekly calendar gives me an overview of all my tasks at once. This way, I can also see the bills that I have to pay for the month. I pay bills for almost every move I make while living in a city, so working is essential.

  2. Bible Although I am not a perfect human being, I cannot 100% read the Bible every day. But with God's help, I try my best to remember to read the Bible for my strength, my fuel, and my daily bread. I am usually filled with many thoughts, it makes me confused about what to do next. The Word of God is my relaxing escape. It gives me time to think and to reflect on my goals and my present happiness.

  3. Advertise In a couple of months, I've been silent on my social media because of the quarantine projects. I tried to promise to myself to advertise daily, but time wasn't enough, especially if I have fantastic projects to complete during the month. Anyway, here I am and ready to take new orders. We are a team now, so I have more hands to do the work. I am just totally excited. This isn't just typical excitement, but seriously, this is excitement beyond explanation. I'll tell you more in the last part of this post. I plan moving forward to post DAILY, without exceptions, on social media. I want all of you followers and learners to be always updated to what's happening in the studio. It makes our presence alive forever, and it's my dream to have a name that becomes a legend and stays forever!

  4. Client Projects Everyday, I have client projects to work on. And I am forever very thankful I have many projects to work everyday! It's an honor as well as a privilege as an artist to do the things that I love. After the first three things mentioned previously, this is what I most likely do the rest of the day. Sometimes I have illustration projects for the day, or animation for weeks or months, and formatting, or writing for some days. This is my keynote each day.

  5. Nap Yes, during the day, I have times when I just don't want to do my next tasks because I lack some inspiration or I just don't feel like it that I have to rest my body and sleep and think of nothing! So yes, I nap anytime in the day. Sometimes I could get a perfect long nap, but most of the time, I am just awake, laying down and staring at nothing. And it feels incredible!

  6. Coffee Coffee is a part of my daily routine. Basically, it's a requirement the moment I wake up, and usually during lunch break and before I go to sleep, I drink a mug of coffee. I practice to just drink milk at night now so that I can sleep properly, and also have more calcium for my bones. But really, coffee in the morning is REQUIRED. If I don't drink coffee in the morning, I just don't feel good the whole day!

  7. Social Media Between my work and breaks, I check my social media every now and then. I try to be updated to all things, be it news or the latest of tech, celebrity, music, art, or the coolest meme of the day! I love social media. I feel like I am connected to the whole world when I check my social media. I am in almost all platform, but the major ones I use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. And the rest like TikTok, Snapchat, Behance, DeviantArt, whatever you can think of, I have my accounts created and will be notified when someone contacts me. This makes me feel even more connected to all ages, all genre, all interests, and I like it. It helps me in marketing and advertising and getting new ideas from.

  8. Dress Up Games I am not a fan of MOBA, or mobile legends, games that require me to interact with players because I think it loses a user's senses of reality and focus. Actually, I know people too addicted to games turn out not so good with their lives, so I decided never to play games that could ruin my life. What I play are games that inspire my creativity and interests like dress up games! I can check it anytime I want, and no stranger will have to chat with me about my life! Dress Up also inspires me to make more paper dolls and beautiful clothing designs, or character designs! I play from time to time whenever I am free.

  9. Write Stories This is not really daily, but only when free, I write my own stories on an online journal. I have many ideas, many imaginations in my mind that I have to let go and create. If not created, I feel like it's a great regret. I am blessed with so many talents, I should use all of them.

  10. The Rest If I am not yet sleepy and have done all my tasks for the day, I do a few random things such as:

  11. Once a week, I do my assignments, quizzes, essays or projects.

  12. Think of business strategies.

  13. Reply to emails.

  14. Watch a movie with the family.

  15. Play with my dog.

  16. Drink tea and chit chat.

  17. Have a short walk outdoors.

  18. Karaoke.

  19. Cook some food and eat snacks.

  20. Prepare for the next day.

So there you go. I have shared my excellent daily routine! What about you?

Why So Excited?

Yes, well, I have just recently mortgaged my very own home! I'll be officially moving there after 2 years from now. I can't explain the incredible feeling of having my very own home. I never thought I could ever own one this quick before! Before, I thought that this is already where I will be staying, this is where my life stays, and maybe I could increase my value a bit, but probably, I am in this right level and am already satisfied. BUT, Just like Don Moen's song "Lord, I believe there is more, I believe...So I open my eyes to receive all that Your love has in store..." I hope I have imparted something for you today, and that I have shared a cloud-9 feeling to you. I hope when you're reading this, I can put a smile in your face and excitement in your life moving forward! Quarantine is over! :) See you around, and God bless us all!

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