Chapter 4: They've Found The Perfect Site

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Book Title: How Could You Tell

They've been lovers for almost two years. They got engaged for one year until they decided to set the date and tie the knot finally.

Through those years, they supported each other's endeavors. They were very indulged in each other's careers. However, they make sure to set time for each other. At the same time, they worked hard to prepare for their future family.

"Honey, we got the nod from San Remegio church!" Kate was running towards Fred. She was so excited to reveal the good news as she swung open the office door. "Woah! that is fantastic!" Fred leaped off his chair and happily greeted his fiancee. "Sixty-four more days, and you are officially mine." Fred lovingly kissed Kate's hand. "I am very excited to become your wife, honey." Kate lovingly replied and hugged her fiance gently.

Everyone in town is so excited to witness the union of the Madrigal and the Lorenzo. Fred's and Kate's parents and siblings are very supportive and expectant. The preparation was going smoothly. Everything was just perfect, and everyone is happy.

Kate's company is going strong. Fred's business ventures are expanding, especially now that he is going to have a family of his own. He is pushing harder than ever.

Whenever opportunity kicks in, Fred strikes in, trusting his wit and business bloodline ability.

Kate understood it and supported him all the way. Same with Fred, who is always supporting her, whom she can always count on.

"Honey, do you remember the restaurant El Perfecto?" Fred asked Kate with sparkly eyes.

"How can I forget. That was our official boyfriend-girlfriend place. Of course honey." She answered with twisted lips and a seductive voice, to tease his boyfriend.

"Hahaha! careful there, miss, I will never say no to you." Fred teased back. "Listen first, carefully, okay." He explained shakily in excitement. "This must be amazing; okay I'm all ears." Kate agreed

"Okay, here we go! My friend, who owned 20 percent of the restaurant, is selling his full share to me!" Fred narrated in a very compelling voice.

"I've always wanted to be a part of that restaurant. The business is excellent, the food, the service, the place, and the memories we had there." Fred could not stop talking. "Ain't it wonderful? That would be my wedding gift for you, honey." Fred continued excitedly.

"What can I say, honey, thank you, and I'm very happy for you, for us." Kate could not say more.

"Three weeks from now, I will be flying to the city to sign the contracts and to meet all other shareholders. Would you come with me? So I can introduce you to them." Fred explained.

"I will be happy to go with you, honey." She lovingly agreed.

"You are my lucky charm, honey. Everything with you is perfect." Fred whispered and gently pulled her to his chest and hugged her.

She stayed hugged and inhaled his sweet smell, and she softens in the firmness of his arms.

"To the conference room Mr. Madrigal, and please, you alone, sir. I'd be delighted to guide your companion to the lounge." The secretary in a tailored suit ushered Kate to a room right next to the room where Fred was told to get in.

"Be right away with you after this, hon." Fred tried to slip a word to her.

"I'll be fine honey, take your time." She answered back.

Kate spent more than an hour already staying in the room by herself, but she would not complain, because all these waiting is for Fred, for their future.

"Finally, we're done, huh! I've met the shareholders, hon. They're good people and brilliant minds, very business-oriented." Fred could not keep his excitement.

"The two major investors sent their secretaries, so I didn't meet them in person. They could not cancel their business trip. Maybe I need to meet them sometime next month when they're back to finalize some matters." Fred continued.

"It's alright honey, anyway, you got the share already. There is nothing they can do about it. They have to accept you as their partner and good for them, they've got one of the greatest minds alive not to mention, the pretty face and the great physique." Kate teased and consoled Fred.

"No kidding?" Fred jokingly asked.

"Of course no kidding!" Kate playfully snapped. "Maybe we could spend the rest of the day in the hotel to take some rest?" Fred cleverly suggested.

"Hmmm, we'll spend the rest of the day with your aunt as we already agreed Frederick!" Kate talked back with the emphasis on his name.

"Haha! yes, yes, I'm just trying to give you a better option." Fred jokingly responded and put a gentle kiss on her cheek.

They enjoyed the rest of the day with Fred's relatives in the city.

They're back in their town doing what they do best in their business and in their job while waiting for their big day.

" Hon, the major shareholders are back and we're going to have a shareholders meeting two days from now. Can you go with me?" Fred threw a question while eating their lunch.

"Let me see if I could squeeze that in my sched, hon," Kate answered as she reached down her phone to check her schedule.

"Ow, honey the big boss will visit anytime this week, I really can't go even if I'd really, really love to," Kate said in a very frustrated voice.

"No worries hon, I'll be back before you know it." Fred consoled her. "I know," she answered in a calm voice.

They love to stay together as much as possible. Do things together and spend time together since they got engaged.

Kate's day was hectic as usual. Their company is growing under her leadership.

She spent her night running through their reports for their presentation. She is very meticulous with details.

The next day in the office was full of discussions and opinions. Everyone was so eager to set everything right to impress the big boss.

Kate was very excited to have her lunch because she knew Fred would join her, he had returned from the city.

"Hon, here is my surprise for you as I promised." Fred excitedly handed her a document.

"Why? what is this? Can you please tell me? Just tell me." She was so amused as she opened the folder.

"Okay, that states that you have the ten percent share of El Perfecto. Remember I bought twenty percent. Ten for you, ten for me." Fred explained. "Ow honey, you are a rockstar!" Kate flared up with joy. "This is our first venture together hon, and this is gonna be good. They are very lucky to have us both." Fred said in an inspired voice.

"But there's something that bothers me a bit, just a little tiny bit. These two major shareholders is a mother-daughter tandem. They've got thirty-thirty, that makes them very powerful in this corporation." Fred complained "Only the daughter was present yesterday. The mother could not make it because she had a medical appointment. That means I have to go back to the city next week to meet her. Her daughter personally asked me to be patient with her mom. So I just said yes." Fred continued.

"Can you come with me this time?" Fred asked. "Yes, ah maybe honey, I'm not sure yet." She reasoned. "Ah never mind hon, I understand, anyway I will be right back. That's the last thing I should settle before our wedding." Fred pacified her.

"Ah, by the way, the major mother and daughter shareholders are the Alano's. I'm sure you are familiar with them. The daughter's name is Ritz, Ritz Alano, and Margarita Alano." Fred added on.

"Yeah, they are famous restaurateur, and Ritz, we went to the same school. she is a very pretty and overly confident woman." Kate responded.

"You are right with that, overly confident, but pretty? You are the prettiest." Fred teased her.

"Thanks, hon, I accept that." Kate teased back.

They spent the rest of the week finalizing the tiny details of their wedding. The church rehearsal, checking the bouquets and flowers.

They spent their weekends with their family and friends.

The Sunday dinner was at Kate's parent's house. "I have to get home early, so I will not be late for tomorrow's flight." Fred opened up. "Oh, yes, you have to rest early Fred." Kate's father, Rody agreed, "Okay hon, I'll walk you to your car," Kate responded as she and Fred stood up heading out of the house.

Everyone bid goodbye to Fred.

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