Chapter 1: To Start With

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Book Title: How Could You Tell

The two lovey-dovey looks very content and very happy as they walk hand in hand across the parking lot. Frederick and Kate happily chat and lovingly exchange plans for the future.

Their big day is fast approaching, their wedding day.

They still have to decide their venue. That is the last thing they should finalize since all other necessities have been taken care of by both of their parents.

Frederick wants it to be super memorable for both of them, especially for Kate, the love of his life.

"I want it on the boardwalk, honey, where you said yes," Frederick suggested teasingly but in a serious tone.

"That is too much, honey. It's a public place! " Kate blushed and gently pushed her fiance to tease him back.

"We can arrange it!" Fred looked more serious.

"No, it need not be like that. I know you can do that because of your influence, but I love it in church. Mama and Papa were married in church and also your parents. I want the two of us to be married in the church, too," Kate lovingly reminds Fred.

"If that is your final decision, so be it, honey." Fred agreed.

Frederick and Kate have known each other since their college days. They belong to 'Club Kalikasan,' a student outreach group. Fred was the group president because he is a famous guy, good-looking and brilliant, and his grandfather was the town founder.

Fred is an accountant. Their family is highly respected by the town's folks. His father is an architect, and his mother is a farmer's daughter. He has two younger brothers, both are engineers.

Kate also has her own charm. She is good in public speaking, a tennis varsity player, a mathematician, a fair lady, and very decent. She belongs to a family of excellent reputation. Her father is the school director, while her mom is a faithful wife and a strict mother. Her older sister is a teacher, and her younger brother is the town attorney. She loves to do outreach work as an act of giving back her blessings to society.

Fred and Kate worked for hand in hand with their friends to do tree planting. Assisting the provincial government's effort to reforest the vacant spaces in their place.

They aimed to plant as many trees as possible.

These outreach activities made them good friends for four years in college until they separate ways to pursue their individual careers.

Kate moved to the city to work as a financial specialist while Fred stayed in town to help their family business. They owned buildings and lands.

Five years passed, and Kate got the time to return home. She returned for an essential purpose. Her company is expanding in their town. Just in time to attend the school reunion. Her friends had been inviting her through these years, but she could not say yes to them because she can't just leave her job. She loved her job. Her parents and siblings are the ones who visited her in the city, so she could not miss them.

When she entered the vast ballroom, she saw familiar faces at the party but a little bit older. Some looked mature and wise, some gained weight, yet the same friends and neighbors she's fond of.

Nobody recognized her just yet because she entered the room stealthily. She wanted to surprise them.

She wore her little black lace dress standing in her blood-red stiletto, wearing her long ponytail. She stayed in a corner, holding her silver clutch bag, scanning for Teresa, her closest friend ever, she could not remember since when.

"Kate Lorenzo? Unbelievable! is that you?" Danny exclaimed. Danny, the slam dunk king in school, way back in college. Now one of the instructors of their school.

Before she could say a word, Danny hugged her so tightly and spin her around that all she could do was giggle.

"Put me down, Dan! you make me dizzy!" she cried out.

Danny was her side by side neighbor, and they grew up together with Teresa. They had been playmates since kindergarten.

"Kate, finally you're here!" A tiny voice from behind rings in her ears. It is Teresa, wearing her full smile."Why didn't you tell us that you are coming? we could have arranged a dramatic entrance for you, haha!" Teresa jokingly slapped her on the shoulder.

"We could do that right now!" the familiar voice of Fred echoed in the room. He was on the stage, holding the microphone. Wearing his khaki jeans and checkered blue-white polo.

"Everyone, let's welcome home our very own Kate Lorenzo, who snubbed us for many years. Finally, she's with us tonight! Welcome home, Kate!" Fred's voice echoed in the ballroom, and everyone welcomed Kate.

Fred, wearing his smile, walked down the stage towards her and Danny and Teresa.

"Well, that is a surprise! Thank you!" She extended her hand and jokingly bowed to her friends.

Fred formally shook her hand. "How have you been, Kate? it has been many years since you left." Fred was so awkward that Kate could not look at him straight in the eye.

"Excuse me, I have to leave for my retouch. See you later, Kate, we have plenty to catch up." Teresa left quickly.

"Me too, I have to find my wifey, Susan, she's heavy-Preggy! Catch up later, Kate. Fred, she's all yours for now." Danny exited before Kate could say a word.

"Since they left us, can I invite you to my table for a little chitchat?" Fred snapped. She nodded and followed Fred to a big table in the middle of the ballroom.

The host took the microphone and officially started the program. Slowly their other friends join in with them on the table and are surprised to find out that Kate is with them. They enjoyed the night with laughter and catching up.

The music and noise slowly faded then the party came to an end.

"Can I walk you home?" Fred whispered in her ear. "Yeah, sure, I also have something to talk to you about." She agreed. They both got out of the building and sauntered towards Kate's parents' house, just adjacent to the school building.

"Ahhh, just allow me to be casual with you, Fred." Kate broke the silence.

"Why? What is it all about? You are scaring me!" Fred teases.

"Let me finish!" Kate teased back."I was really planning to go to your office tomorrow for an official appointment, but since you are here, can I have a lunch appointment with you tomorrow?" Kate asked politely.

"Are you asking me for a date?" Fred teased again. "Come on, Fred, I'm serious. This is an official transaction. My company is expanding here in our town, and we need a place to rent for our office." Kate explained.

"Ow, that is something we really have to talk about. Sure I can meet you tomorrow, lunch." Fred's voice became serious.

That is Fred. When it comes to business, he really put his all into it.

Since they already reached Kate's house, they bid a simple goodnight.

"Still the same, Fred, always the first to arrive." Kate complimented in a playful tone.

"Sit down and let's talk about business so we can save more time to enjoy the rest of the afternoon." Fred assisted Kate with her chair while talking.

"As if you know, I'm free after this?" Kate asked curiously.

"You have to give me this time. I freed mine to take you around town. I want to show you the many changes in our town. I'm sure you haven't seen it yet." He talked convincingly, which made Kate unable to decline.

"Ok, mister, you win! Let's get down to business. You make me excited to see those changes." Kate answered playfully.

"I heard from your secretary that you have a vacant room, large enough for us to occupy and it is beside the cafeteria. But it is reserved for another client. That's the room that I really wanted to get. Please do me a favor. Can you give this to us?" Kate started the formal conversation.

"I like it very much because it's easy for our employees to get food, and it's just on the third floor." Kate continued the negotiation.

"Yes, you can have it." Fred agreed without hesitation.

"Let my secretary handle the formalities. You sign the contract, I sign the contract, you can move in anytime." Fred continued.

"Just like that? Are you sure?"

Kate was shocked by how Fred agreed so quickly.

"Yeah, it's my building, I decide. Are we done?" Fred asked with his eyebrows raised teasingly.

"Well, that's just it!" Kate happily extended her hand to shake with Fred.

"By the way, I just want to inform you that my office is just on the other side of the cafeteria. You get to see more of me every day." Fred explained, grinning, extending his hand to shake Kate's.

"Well, that just means. I don't need to buy my meals every day. Just kidding!" Kate answered back, playfully.

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