Bemmygail Website Relaunch

Hello and thanks for viewing my website and my first blog after the recent relaunching of my site.

I’ll share an amazing experience I had rebuilding the site and my new projects released soon.

Website Relaunching

Bemmygail’s website has a fresh new look. Please browse and enjoy the pages of bemmygail. You can check my history, and other blog posts here to learn more about me, and most especially, please check my “about” and “services” page as those are one of the most popular pages of my site.

You can now see my work in a new look, but still the brand like logo and my color scheme are the same.

I’d love to thank elementor pro for this great plugin in that I used to clean up my site. There are areas on the site that I cannot easily edit because I need something visual to edit. I thought about using Wix earlier this year, but when I saw this ad about elementor I gave it a try, and here we are!

New Projects

I am going to share amazing news, in the next few months I will release another book, so please stay tuned! I have self-published multiple books for other authors, and I will be glad to share them all here. I also recently published a book called “wrapped by petals” and will show the progress of the purchased book, as well as the other books I will release before the end of the year.

And another thing, that is so exciting, is I am going to produce vlogs on my official youtube channel soon! Yes, that is right, I am so happy to announce that my plan to vlog will really happen! I received so many questions about how I made online income as an artist, and I am willing to share my experience and step by step guides! On my future vlogs, I will share a lot of things, mainly tutorials about freelancing online, becoming a self-published author, illustrator and full-time artist, how-to videos for creative software and so much more!

So stay tuned, subscribe to my youtube channel, and my blogs, and make sure to purchase any service you’d like, and of course buy copies of my books!