Balancing Client Projects and Dream Projects

As a freelance illustrator and animator, I have enough time to think about passive income. And here came an idea out of nothing, that I wish to pursue. I now call it the “dream project” because it feels like the idea is really good, I will enjoy every step of the journey and I think I am going to get a lot of money from it. But, what if you are also working on other client’s projects? How are you going to complete your dream project?

Do you have a dream project?

I do have a dream project, in fact, I’ve got lots of dream projects, I just need time and well time is money. You should also have a dream project. Whatever your career is, wherever you are in this race of life, make sure you have something to look forward to. Something to do or create that can turn into a product or service. A product can be anything, it can be books, music, painting, sculpture, crafts, and so much more! Ideas are infinite. You can start making the product by building it, planning, buying materials and so on.

Which one to work first?

But of course, you, like any other person, need to work in order to survive. Sometimes work requires you to accept projects that are not as exciting as you expect. It happens to anyone. Prioritize the basic needs, and the extra time will be used for your dream project. 

How Should I balance everything?

  1. Ask yourself, is your dream project worth it?

  2. Prioritize

  3. Plan ahead

  4. Follow your plan

There will be a time to ask yourself if the dream project and idea you have is really worth it. Try to ask questions, even to your family and trusted people, if your idea is really good or not. But of course, don’t share it with other people, even friends, because an idea is worth billions. If you are convinced about it, then DO IT!

Yes, prioritize what projects to work on. You have to make sure that you have enough funds to make you live and pay your bills, and only the extra time will be used for working on your dream project. Dream project doesn’t quickly sell, so before you spend too much time on it, try to prioritize the projects that earn revenues.

Plan ahead, make a list of things you have to do. An example will be, for today, I will apply to jobs, and by afternoon work on a pending project I have to complete, and I might have 2 hours left for the day to do nothing, so I’ll use it to finish my dream project.

Stick to the plan, be disciplined! If you want results, do what you have already planned.  If you don’t follow your plan, then you just wasted the time you used to make it. Time is money.

It’s also good to work on our dream project while we are not so stressed. So extra 2-3 hours a day can be both for relaxing and thinking of the dream project. I think not everyone has this luxury of time, so don’t deprive yourself for relaxation if you have time. There will always be enough time to work on your project somehow, and you will be reminded about it if you are not thinking of anything. Sometimes in my freelance work, I have 2-4 days without a single project to work on, so I devote myself to working both my dream project and applying for more money-projects online.


So the finale:

  1. Have a dream project, something that makes you happy and hopefully end up making you super-rich.

  2. Prioritize your work daily. Work first for the projects that bring you income quickly, to pay your bills and help you eat.

  3. Every day or every week, find extra time to work on your dream project.

  4. Don’t forget to relax and have fun!

How about you? Do you have a dream project? How do you balance your client projects and dream project? Comment below. 🙂

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