2020 Spoilers

Year-end Review

2019 has been an awesome year. What have you been doing in the past 360 days? Well, I'm having the time of my life. As you know, I was in school from January 2019 to April 2019. So I had to start my full-time work (as your all-around artist for kid's books and videos) after these months. Let me share all the great things we've accomplished in less than a year:

After completing my diploma in Gaming and Animation, I had the chance to make my own game, using my own concept from start to finish. I managed to finish it, and am very glad (or proud, in the most humble way possible) to share the finished product.


  1. Released a 2D Game for FREE

And of course, after school, I went straight to working with my clients around the world. I did some gigs during school though but went full-time after graduating. It's an awesome experience to meet the clients, people that I worked with, face to face. So this is by far the first experience talking to people directly, and personally about their projects. I got to meet amazing people with amazing ideas, and being part of their world of creativity is an honor!

Below are the animated projects I've worked with for this year. I did the storyboard, scene by scene animations, sound effects, and music. I can only share very little detail about these projects, but I hope you can join me to celebrate these accomplishments!

Animations I've completed:

  1. 8-minute 3D Animated Children's Story Video with Renata Tognini

  2. 2 Children's 3D Animated Music Videos

  3. Multiple 3D Characters rigged for Toneplus Japan

  4. Wedding Proposal Animated Video for a Singaporean Couple

  5. 2D Animated Music Video for Crazy Coco

  6. Karen Chen's 5-minute 3D Animated Jungle and Animals video for a theme park