2020 Spoilers

Year-end Review

2019 has been an awesome year. What have you been doing in the past 360 days? Well, I'm having the time of my life. As you know, I was in school from January 2019 to April 2019. So I had to start my full-time work (as your all-around artist for kid's books and videos) after these months. Let me share all the great things we've accomplished in less than a year:

After completing my diploma in Gaming and Animation, I had the chance to make my own game, using my own concept from start to finish. I managed to finish it, and am very glad (or proud, in the most humble way possible) to share the finished product.


  1. Released a 2D Game for FREE

And of course, after school, I went straight to working with my clients around the world. I did some gigs during school though but went full-time after graduating. It's an awesome experience to meet the clients, people that I worked with, face to face. So this is by far the first experience talking to people directly, and personally about their projects. I got to meet amazing people with amazing ideas, and being part of their world of creativity is an honor!

Below are the animated projects I've worked with for this year. I did the storyboard, scene by scene animations, sound effects, and music. I can only share very little detail about these projects, but I hope you can join me to celebrate these accomplishments!

Animations I've completed:

  1. 8-minute 3D Animated Children's Story Video with Renata Tognini

  2. 2 Children's 3D Animated Music Videos

  3. Multiple 3D Characters rigged for Toneplus Japan

  4. Wedding Proposal Animated Video for a Singaporean Couple

  5. 2D Animated Music Video for Crazy Coco

  6. Karen Chen's 5-minute 3D Animated Jungle and Animals video for a theme park

  7. Johnson and Johnson Presentation Videos

Below are just the highlights as I've worked with multiple projects at a time. I did accept some graphic design projects, but mostly for children or with children's themes only. These people I've worked with have been amazing, and I am very thankful God made me work with them.

Books and other graphics:

  1. Illustrated and formatted "Ursi, The Unsparkly Unicorn" by Vicki Easterly

  2. Illustrated and formatted "Breathe like Gwendoline, The Magical Gentle Dragon" by Jennifer Green-Blair

  3. Formatted a wonderful book for Tina Maloney called "Grandmas"

  4. Formatted "The Cupcake Crew Help the Old Baker" by Naomi and Juliet Warren

  5. Betty Butterfly Children's Hospital Landscape Painting

  6. Graphics for Tiktus color Art Youtube Channel

  7. Illustrated and formatted "The Santa Princess" Book by Shannon Cunningham

  8. Formatted "Friend-Ship The Good and the Bad by Takia and Vance Johnson

  9. Formatted "Shiloh & Dande the Lion" by Ciara L. Hill

  10. Formatted "Lyin' Brian the Cryin' Lion" by Terry Ayrault

  11. Formatted "Adventures with Eden and Ethan" by Debi Gueron

  12. Formatted a 200-page Travel Journal

I have in progress projects with the same clients too, such a great blessing to do all of these projects I really love and enjoy and share what I know to people from all walks of life.

Major Spoilers for 2020

Here it is everyone, spoilers for 2020! If you wish to know what will I be doing for this year, aside from working with your wonderful projects in books and animations, I've also been developing stories for a long time that I wish to share with people all over the world. See the details below:

  1. Hope - this year's theme for Bemmygail. This message is basically from the Bible and, well, star wars :). Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Psalm 33:18 (NKJV) Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, On those who hope in His mercy. I'd like to have a message to hold on to for this year, and you can definitely join me by putting this message in your heart every day for the rest of the year. We'll have another one next year. This is fun!

  2. Business - I've been thinking about turning this job officially into a full-time business. The process is kind of a hassle, but I'll have to go through it anyway. Expect the crazy amount of updates of my work this year, because I am so fired up!

  3. Novella - I am so excited to announce that, I finally have the best and most amazing ending for "Red Stone and the Seven Descendants". The plot is gorgeous! It's really awesome, magnificent, never-before-seen/heard story ever! If you're a fan of action, adventure, fantasy story, with a slight touch of every other genre, then let me tell you how much I highly recommend you to read this story! Of all the stories I've heard and the movies I watched (I can say that I have watched all of the best family movies the world can ever give) Red Stone is by far the best! I will be making it into a novella because writing a novel takes a lot of time, and as a reader myself, I want the story to be straight to the point and quick. The book will be released worldwide with an ebook. I'm also offering it on paperback and hardcover available to ship worldwide. I'll be displaying the book locally also. Major updates of the book will be available here.

  4. Screenplay - I'm in love with the story of Red Stone, so as soon as I've spread the completed novella, I'll be working on the screenplay. I don't just want it to stay on shelves or hands of individuals, I want it to be placed on a big screen too. This will be my very first feature film script, so it's really exciting, not to mention that screenplay is so much easier to write than a novella. I'll release it to film festivals and maybe share it with production studios around mid of 2020.

  5. Illustrated Book Guide - Again, I'm crazy in love with my story, so I want to make a fully illustrated book guide for all the characters and locations in the story. Slowly, I'll make storyboards as well, but we'll get there eventually. Yes, a fully illustrated book guide about the Red Stone and the Seven Descendants. I'll also start cool discussions of people's theories and ideas about my story. The illustrated book guide will be released around the end of the year.

  6. Coming For You - Because I am so inspired by this story idea, I have composed a beautiful melody that I want to use for this soon-to-be film. It'll be played in the piano and digital orchestra. I'm not yet sure when I'm going to release this, so let's just say TBA.

  7. Pricing Changes - Starting January 1, 2020, you'll notice new changes to all of my pricing throughout the internet. Yes, guys, people change, and so does commerce and money, and products and services. My goal here is to give my super best in helping you create the highest quality creative projects. With updated pricing, I can clean up all of my schedules, focus only on your precious idea, and together we can complete a wonderful and satisfying content! Watch out for the changes HERE.

  8. Movie Reviews - I know! I haven't had the chance to make updates about the cool movies I've watched this year, but I will! I'll never let you down. Which one would you want me to review?


Wrapping up people! Oh well, I don't think I can still focus on fashion blogs and videos, so maybe I'll just focus on the projects I've mentioned above.

Reflection...so okay let me mention 2 important things that have been featured in my life this year...they are:

  • There is a time for everything...I'm almost 30 (I'm 28) and I realized that all those years I've lived, God slowly changed me and slowly gave me Heavenly Wisdom on how to view life. When I was younger, I'm very competitive, and I enjoy winning. Recently, I feel like I want to slow down a bit, because I realized that all of my desires will happen anyway, so better enjoy every moment today and prepare myself for the best! No rush folks! Teens, youngsters today, all rushing to find cute guys, acing all exams, winning the lottery, problematize life relationships, meynnn...tired of all those. I just want to ride on a boat, Jesus rowing it, and we talk all about God's magnificent Wisdom...when all things have come to pass, then finally we'll get to the end of the human road and be with the Lord eternally, and I can finally use Heavenly paintbrushes, and will surely ask God if I can paint the walls of His throne room. So yeah, that is it, there's a time for everything, a time to work, time to rejoice, time to chill on the sabbath, time to start, time to finish, maybe time to talk, to listen, to walk and travel, time to dress up, time to love, time for hugs, time to breath and time to stop.

  • God is the same yesterday, today and forever...Have you ever felt like the world around you is just chaos? Changes in life, people quarreling, problems here and there, etc. But when we look at Jesus, He is filled with peace and joy, and He never changed, no matter what age, what generation we are now, He is outside time and space, outside change, He never changes. So the best step to move forward to 2020 personally, is to simply look at Jesus, looking straight at Him makes me focus on my life's purpose, no matter what happens to this world, God's plan and purpose for me will never change, it's fixed, it has a beginning, middle and end just like a story. Speaking of story, it reminds me of making the Red Stone story, of how Jesus use storytelling so that the people can understand Him, He used parables, so here I am acting like my Lord and Father, I shall use storytelling to change the world! God bless you this 2020, and may we all be fruitful in all aspects of our lives!

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