Your idea is valuable. Have it turned into visual and I'll make it beautiful! This service includes: 1 whole figure sketch High Resolution Full Body
1 Figure Sketch
2 hr
Let's start with a single sketch. Book this service to start making your idea come to life!
Did you get a sketch figure of your story? Now it's time to add a background. Let's make it a beautiful wonderland! This service includes: An image file with a full page...
Background Sketch
2 hr
Next, let me add some backgrounds. Of course, you can skip this part, and move to the color part.
This service includes: coloring a finished sketch final file in jpeg
Fully Color Your Sketch
20 min
Time for color! Book this service so that I can add color to your colorful idea!
Now you've got your beautiful final image file. This is optional, but if you want to request the source files, just book the service here. This service includes: Origina...
Single Illustration Source Files
10 min
Love what you received? Save your file in any image format by getting the source file. Book this service now!
If you have an illustration done by me, book this service to get a licensed copy. License will be a file with information about your rights to the work done. This license...
1 Illustration License
10 min
Great, you now have your illustration file! License it for commercial use!
Ready to book again for another page? Here's for 2-3 figures, with background, 1 full page, and fully colored package.
Ready to turn your imagination into a book? Let's start with one page! This service includes: 1 full-page illustration 2-3 figures With background Full color
Full Page Children's Book Illustration
2 hr

Illustration services


Frequently asked questions

What is your availability?

We always respond to any inquiries within 48 hours. We are available for business hours GMT+8:00, 10 AM – 6 PM, Tuesday to Saturday.

Can I order a package for a whole book?

Yes, this is what we prefer. A high quality whole book package will be normally around $3000-$4000 including all the conceptualizing, full illustration, and even formatting of the book ready for distribution. Payment method will be discussed. Please contact us for details.

Can I see more of your work?

No problem! Please visit my gallery at

Do you include graphic design elements?

Yes, we add graphic design elements for every order (e.g. text, shapes, title containers and etc)

What tools are you using?

I am now using ipad pro and procreate for illustrations. I also use all the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, as well as Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Autodesk Maya and all the other industry standard apps for digital art production. I also use both Mac and PC, as well as a drawing tablet and all traditional art materials you can imagine. :3

What does the license mean?

When you choose to purchase a package with the license, it means that you’re not just able to use the illustration personally but you are also completely free to sell the product commercially.

What kind of projects would you love to work?

We are so interested with children’s books, especially if it’s filled with sweet and cute story behind it, or that the characters have to be cute. We love to work with anything from princesses, fairies, or cute animals.

How long does it usually take?

For simple cartoon style illustration of 1 page, it can take us 5 days, depending on how many orders we have during that time. So please make sure to use the booking services, and see our schedule. For higher quality illustrations, it’ll take longer. For book package projects, it’ll take us about 3 months to complete it, but it’s always worth the wait.


"Bemmygail is phenomenal! She is extremely easy to work with and extremely talented. She’s intelligent, and easily understands what I need to have done. She pays close attention to all artistic details and her artistic conception is outstanding. Her attitude is phenomenal. I totally enjoy working with her!!!!"






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