Frequently asked questions


Are the prints original?

Yes! Definitely. All artworks printed on products are originally designed by Bemmygail Creative Studio.

How long is the shipping?

Standard delivery at a flat rate of $12 is 5-20 business days on average after confirmation.

What to do when the item is damaged after I received it?

As you already know, we have quality control that the fulfilled products go through. However, as with everything, we might accidentally let through an item that has defects. If your received a damaged or defected item, we always take full responsibility and provide a free replacement. We will request that the first thing you do is provide photos of the unsatisfactory product and the packing slip. Our customer support will be able to get back to you quicker when you attach these photos to the official problem report. For more details about shipping, please visit


What is the difference between standard and premium illustration?

This is the standard style: StandardThis is the premium: Premium So the very basic thing to think about when we say standard is - it will have the right colors, illustrations, and background. But when we say premium, it will be a high quality illustration, with 4-8 hours of detailed work on a single page. It will have beautiful highlights and shadows, and perfectly painted with effects!

What styles can you do?

Technically, we can do the following: * Cartoons, both digitally sketched or painted * Vectors * Realistic, like marvel superheroes * Sketch in traditional style * Painting in traditional acrylic, or watercolor We stick to our style, uniqueness and originally. We still do the other styles like Disney, Anime/Manga and Marvel style, but as much as possible, we would like to focus on what we love most - the Bemmygail style.

What's unique about your style?

The Bemmygail style is obviously cartoonish, and a mixture of disney and comic caricatures and cartoons. We use linearts developed for over 2 decades of drawing. As for the colors, we start with the very basic, filling in the colors in solid. With more time and budget, we can digitally paint the cartoon illustration with beautiful highlights, midtones, shadows and effects. We love landscape painting too! Bemmygail's animation style is highly influenced by pixar since she grew to have been very curious with 3D animation, she developed the natural and realistic motion, with a little exaggeration for it's cartoonish feel. We know it will be developed overtime. Join us by buying from our creative services, or join our careers, and make Bemmygail Creative Studio even better!

How often are you available?

We do our best to be open and available to all producers and creative clients. Please visit our services page, choose a service and see our availability from the calendars provided. The best schedule for you to book is 2 weeks ahead. We'd appreciate it if you book ahead so that we can give the best plan and work for you.

What's your standard rate and delivery time?

I will provide a generic answer here, for specific service, please visit services and choose the right service, and select the time availability provided. For standard illustration, we charge from $6-$45, this illustration can be done within 5 days. Premium illustration starts from $95 and could increase up to $300. Premium illustrations will take us about 2 weeks. Sometimes we charge premium concept art for $300-$500 due to the details and time it requires, and could take us 4 weeks. You can choose a plan from our services, so you can see the time available. From there you'll know the estimated time to finish the work - the last day of the schedule you booked. Visit the illustration page for more details. For 2D animation, our price starts at $220 for 30 seconds, with music, sound effects, special effects, 1 custom cartoon animation. This is usually done within 2 weeks. Make sure to check the services page to know more. For 3D animation, pricing starts at $1200, done usually in 1 month. For specific services in 3d animation, visit the animation. For book formatting and typesetting, we charge $225 usually done within 7 days. This will include up to 30 interior pages, and cover layout. The final file will be one cover pdf and one interior pdf file. You can use it to submit to self publishing sites like amazon. We can also provide kindle format, epub, etc. Visit formatting page. For general graphic design, we charge from $30 and up. It's best to visit our graphic design page to see available services, the price and time.

Do you accept Christian-based stories only?

We look forward to producing creative contents that may not require to show explicitly that we are Christians (we still make princesses, monster enemies, etc.), but we want the foundation of everything we do (and create) to be based on the morals of the Bible. We stand boldly as Christians, and want to influence the next generation about goodness and Love that only comes from Jesus.

I'd like to request more information about this service...

We hope you found the right information from our website. If the details provided on the faq, and the services page are not enough, we totally understand that every situation is different and unique, of course we will definitely provide more details based on your request. To request, please contact us via email. We prefer it to be email so that there is a thread of communication, notes are taken, the details can be traced, and requirements can be easily sent. As much as possible, please provide us:

  • Your name (We want to know who we're speaking with)
  • Where you're from
  • Describe your situation
  • Your preferred budget
  • Deadline
  • Preferred style
  • References, images, links

How often do you update on a work in progress?

We rarely send an email to update you about our active projects, but we usually provide a google drive link for screenshots and the progress files as we work. This is because we work with multiple projects at a time. Composing an email while we work takes some time, we can rather use the time to work on the project. As soon as the work is done, we deliver, then we finally email all the details.

Are You Using Licensed Tools?

Yes. We are Genuine Adobe Users with power PC and Ipad Pro Tools.

Can you send me a quote for my request please?

Sure! It's faster if you already have a plan and basic idea of what you want. You may send me a request via our comprehensive quote request form. We can quickly reply to you if we have more information on what you want: QUOTE REQUEST FORM


I'd love to join your team, how do I do that and what to expect?

As you know, our studio has just started building from the ground up. We start with contract-based projects first once you're accepted, and if you are interested. We give tasks whenever available. We'll discuss the rest via email. So please submit your career inquiry from here: Career

You mentioned that you only accept Christians?

Yes, our number one requirement for all our creative members is to be a Christian. Our creative work requires spiritual, moral, and emotional inspiration and motivation that is based on the truth from the Bible, so we want everyone we work with to be on the same spiritual journey with us.


Can we visit your studio?

We'll be more than happy to welcome you once the physical studio is ready. Right now, we are preparing our space, and it will be very much open for the public to visit, and especially for kids and families to learn our creative process.

When is the official launching of the studio?

We don't have the exact details yet, but we are hoping to officially register our studio as a business on 2020. The studio space will surely be in Iloilo City, PH. The details will be available soon.