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The Father's Love

A classic fairytale about a princess, a perfect prince, and a kind king. But of course, crazy witches everywhere desire youth by luring the humans. Will our princess take the bait? The Father’s Love is the first Christian Children’s Picture Book Bemmygail has written and produced.

The Father's Love Christian Children's Picture Book
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Red Stone and The Seven Descendants Ebook by Bemmygail
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Red Stone and the Seven Descendants Novel Ebook

Our original, never-before-seen, or heard story is now available on ebook. Find out how our princess saves the nation and explores a wonderful world! Download a digital copy and read the book wherever you go! 

Bemmygail's 2021 Planner Paperback

All in one paperback planner is perfect for artists and creatives on the go. This will help you stay on track and be productive. Motivational words from the Bible are included in most pages. Start anytime, and complete for the whole year. Enjoy!