So you now have a story in mind, but could not completely write it down on paper? We can help you turn it into a screenplay. This service includes: 30 second worth of st...
2 hr
Let's start with screenwriting. Here's a 30-second worth of story. If you already have a script, just move to the next phase.
Let me help you plan your story by visualizing every shot and scene. This service includes: 1. A sketch-style of illustrations 2. Lineart 3. With a 30-second worth of ...
2 hr
Let's visualize it. I will create a storyboard sketch with a 30-sec worth of frames.
We will sync your music, sound effects, and voice over to the storyboard to prepare for the full production of the video. Music, sound effects, voice-over not included. ...
1 hr
Still need more visualizing? Let me make an animatic for you. This will help us with audio timing too.
Voice Over Standard American Accent, male or female, 1 person, 30 seconds. We will scout the right voice over for your video. Only book 2 weeks ahead so that we can have...
Voice Over
1 hr
Now it's time to listen to the voices! Skip this part if you already have a voice over.
The next part is to choose if it's 2D or 3D. So what do you think of your story, is it cute in 2D cartoons like the Simpson? Or 3D like Pixar's Toy Story?
Let's start with the characters. It's actually the most fun!
Ready to make your character move? Let us help you illustrate, rig, and setup the character ready for animation. This service includes: 2D illustration Separate body pa...
1 Character illustration and rig
2 hr
Complete low poly cute model/creature. With UV texture. This service includes: MB, MA, or OBJ files Jpeg rendered image file Commercial use
3D Character or Object Modeling
1 hr
Yes, it's also incredibly fun to create 3D characters. 
Now that you have a character, we will help you create up to 3 background scenes, a package for the environment of your story. This service is good for 30 seconds of anim...
3 Background Scenes
3 hr
Let's add skeleton to our 3D models so that they can move.
Let me make you some backgrounds and props for our characters!
The whole body, head to foot simple rig. With facial expressions. This includes: Source Files in .ma, or .mb and .fbx 2 Renderings Enhanced Detailing 3D Animation (Non-e...
3D Figure Rig
1 hr
Now that you have the characters, backgrounds and other objects, let's make them move! This service includes: - Up to 1 generic character (We will use our library of ve...
2D 30-second Animation
1 hr
Time to animate 3D as well!
Time to animate them! I'll start with 30 seconds here for you. 
We will animate any 3d characters or objects in Maya. It can be logo animation or character animation. No background. Final file is sent as .ma, .mb , and fbx and an mp...
30 seconds 3D animation
3 hr
Time to sync our animations into sound...
Your video is ready for sound design. This is a 30-second worth of sound editing. What we need from you: - Video file - Voice over (optional) This service includes: - A...
Sound Design
3 hr
And Finally, let's add some colors, special effects, transitions, text, and cut the scenes appropriately. 
Live action or animated video, cutting, color correction, sound adjustment. Up to 30 seconds of video content. Files we need from you: - Main contents like video files -...
Post Production (video editing, vfx)
1 hr

Frequently asked questions

What is your availability?

We always respond to any inquiries within 48 hours. We available for business hours GMT+8:00, 10 AM – 6 PM, Tuesday to Saturday.

Can I book you for longer films?

Yes, of course! See the packages here (choose one package, and it'll take you to available plans), or visit all our plans available here.

Can I see more of your work?

No problem! Please visit our gallery at

What tools are you using?

We are using ipad pro and procreate for illustrations. We also use all the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, as well as Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Autodesk Maya and all the other industry standard apps for digital art production. We also use both Mac and PC, as well as a drawing tablet and all traditional art materials you can imagine.

How long does it usually take?

You can visit each service to see how long each will take. Usually 1 2d animated 30-second video will take me 2 weeks. 3D takes more time because of rendering.

What kind of projects would you love to work?

We are interested in anything related to "cute", for children, and family, especially if it’s filled with sweet and cute story behind it, or that the characters have to be cute. We love to work with anything from princesses, fairies, original characters, or cute animals.


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