Bemmygail Animation Studio

We are an international studio operating in the Philippines for 3 years. We started in February 2017 as a single power pc. Bemmygail, our founder, has worked in various creative projects for over a decade. Now, we have multiple tools to create powerful visuals. We make illustrations for children's books, apps, game assets, or web assets, and we also make cute 2D or 3D animations for kids and families! We have over a decade of experience helping people realize their ideas and turn them into visuals. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of everyone's stories. 


Our mission is to offer to the best of our abilities, our talents, to people looking for fresh, cute, happy visuals! We are focused on beautiful, colorful, fun-filled illustrations, animations and videos for children and families. We believe that the good, real happiness, pure heart, will always prevail no matter how chaotic the world is. We don't just prevail, but goodness is already victorious because Jesus has won the battle for all those who love Him. Our core mission is to bring joy, peace, happiness to all those who seek it. 


We see Bemmygail Animation Studio be a leading animation studio in the Philippines and the whole world providing only the best and a real message about goodness, peace, joy, and happiness for everyone through Jesus Christ. We see ourselves building hope for all the creatives around the world. We open our doors for fresh ideas from creative people with the same mission. With these core principles, we aim to collect the best awards the world can give, and present it for the world to show how amazing our God - Jesus Christ is.